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Our programs, workshops, and resources are your compass, guiding you toward taking control of your home and unlocking the life you've always dreamed of.

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What Is Mom Training?

Mom Training is a transformative program designed to empower mothers in various aspects of their lives. It offers a wide array of resources, including workshops, expert guidance, cultural perspectives, and a supportive community, to help moms thrive in their roles. Our program covers diverse topics such as homemaking skills, self-care, relationship building, routines, personal growth, and more.

Mom Training provides moms with the tools and knowledge to navigate the challenges and joys of motherhood, fosters empowerment, community, and continuous learning. It's a place where moms can connect, learn, and grow, both as parents and as individuals.

What's included in our Mom Training Program

Interactive Workbooks

Set your intention for the upcoming month and immerse yourself in the monthly theme. This workbook is your compass to pinpoint areas where you want to grow and to recognize the support that will fuel your journey.

Mama Masterminds

Mom Training workshops are engaging and informative masterminds designed to empower mothers in various aspects of their lives. They are led by experts and professionals who provide valuable insights, practical tips, and guidance to help moms navigate the challenges and joys of motherhood.

Motherhood Worldwide

This captivating and insightful video series provides a unique opportunity for viewers to explore the lives, cultures, and motherhood experiences of mothers from different parts of the world. Each monthly episode offers a glimpse into the daily routines, challenges, and triumphs of a mother in a specific country or culture.

These episodes are released during our International Week- the 3rd week of the month!

Mom Training Community

We've just launched an exclusive membership community area, and it's all about YOU. Here, you can connect with fellow moms, ask questions, take part in fun challenges, and celebrate your wins together. It's a space dedicated to supporting, inspiring, and empowering each other on this incredible motherhood journey. 

Our New Monthly Schedule!

Each Month We have new ways to support you!

Upcoming Workshops

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Creating Rhythms and Routines in the Unpredictable

September 27 @7pm MT

Laura is a wife and mama to 10 amazing people. She is the founder of Mama Systems, a coaching business that helps mamas bring peace to their homes through intentional systems, allowing them to show up as the best version of themselves.

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"Thank you so much for Mom Training. You've helped me see that I am living my dream life. The real problem is I've allowed my thoughts to veer away from gratitude when my body is weak. So as long as I remember to eat and sleep, life is miraculous."

Lecia- Mom Of 4- Utah USA

Our Latest Workshops

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Join Our Membership for the Replay

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"Mom Training is not only good for moms, its great for moms to be and people who want to create a better, more thriving happy life! If you are interested in having more order and success in your life and household through your money, children, relationships, etc; this is the place to be!! Diana provides the guidance you need to help make your 'home life' dreams a reality."

Natalee- Mom Of 2- Arizona USA

Membership Pricing Options

Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:

Monthly Membership



All The Things

  • Monthly themed workbook
  • Join all Mom Training LIVE workshops
  • Explore 'Motherhood Worldwide' episodes (worth $297)
  • Access to replays and The Mom Training Vault of workshops (worth over $2000)
  • Exclusive Online Mom Training Community
  • Exclusive Member benefits and discounts on products and courses by Mom Training Int.
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Yearly Membership



Everything in the monthly option

Plus These Bonuses:

  • Get 3+ months free!
  • Empowerment Affirmations For Moms Printable (worth $37)
  • Dancing Through Motherhood Course (worth $67)
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Individual Workshop


One Time Payment

Not ready to commit? That's ok. You can join per workshop!

X No replays

X No refund if you miss it 

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What Is Mom Training?

Mom Training is a Global Continued Education Organization for Mothers. We offer a comprehensive array of resources, programs, and experiences to empower mothers on their unique motherhood journey.

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What's Included in our Mom Training Membership:

Monthly Themed Workbook 

Dive into the monthly theme and what it means to you and your family

Two LIVE Online Workshops A Month

Realistic time commitments- meet LIVE as a community twice a month

Motherhood Worldwide Episodes

Gain profound insights from mothers around the world

Engaging Motherhood Community 

Connect with mothers who are motivated to thrive.

Empower yourself

Gain practical skills and strategies to transform your home & elevate your overall well-being.

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