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About Our Founder

Hi everyone! I'm Diana, and I love motherhood. However, it is not always easy. Before starting a family I wanted to be successful, so I started researching and interviewing moms.

I've continued my research process for over 10 years and have created Mom Training as a way for share the knowledge that comes from learning from skilled moms, experts and professionals on the topic of Motherhood. There is a lot to learn, and we can figure this out together! 

Come learn the skillsets and strategies for a happy home, peaceful relationships, inspiration to be your best self, and more than enough time to do what you love... while enjoying your family.

Our Next Workshop

How Mindfulness & Meditation Can Make This Holiday Season The Best Yet With Jessica Harmon

Jesika is a wife, a mother of five, and a certified meditation coach. She can truly say meditation has changed her life. From knowing how to handle difficult relationships and the challenges life brings, to managing her mental health, her practices of meditation and mindfulness have taken her life from survive to thrive. She especially loves working with mothers to help them develop and use these tools, because when the mothers know, they can teach their children. She is so excited to share some of these practices with you! 

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Learn The Skillsets And Strategies To Be Good At What You Do


Join The Mama Masterminds

A mastermind group involves brainstorming, educational presentations, and discussing personal issues. Each session has helpful topics and interesting discussions. Gain support, ideas, and answers in a safe and positive environment. We’ll discuss ideas, what’s worked, and what hasn’t while supporting each other in the process. 

Learn From Experts

Sometimes we need professionals to help us with tough subjects. We have experts teach in Mom Training to share their wisdom, techniques, and answer our heartfelt questions. Submit your ideas for what types of experts you want to hear from and come learn from the best while supporting you as a mom. Examples may include- Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Pediatricians, Nutritionists, Coaches etc. 

Get The 'Good Stuff' From Real-Life Moms

Mom Training was created by Diana researching and interviewing moms for the last 10 years. Frequently we have real-life Moms come teach us how they run specific areas of their household. These particular sessions we get to learn how these 'seasoned moms' live and what their strategies were/are and what brings her fulfillment, peace, and joy. Come listen in to the 'Good Stuff' and learn with us, together.

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It can be hard to ask for help, but it is worth it! Learn from other mothers who have joined MomTraining, and what they loved about it! 

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