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"Thank you so much for Mom Training. You've helped me see that I am living my dream life and that the only real problem I have is allowing my thoughts to veer away from gratitude when my body is weak. So as long as I remember to eat and sleep, life is miraculous."

Lecia- Mom Of 4- Utah USA

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The Healthy Powerful Mom

March 29th @7pm MT

Diana has been interviewing Moms for over 10 years. In her research process she found that the moms who struggled less all had similar foundational skillsets, mindsets, and habits. Diana's passion is to help provide high quality education for moms to support a successful Motherhood experience.

She is the Mom of 4 kids, married to her best friend, and loves to travel.

Diana is the CEO of Mom Training- A Continued Education Organization for Mothers and is Host of The Mom Training Podcast.

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Our Latest Workshops

Feel Better In Your Body

March 8th @1pm MT

Leeann Rybakov is a board certified functional medicine health coach, and a mom of two. She works with overwhelmed busy moms to help them heal their digestive health issues, regain their energy, and feel more confident when it comes to health and wellness.

Through her personalized approach, she coaches moms one on one, covering all aspects of their life from nutrition, movement, sleep and stress. She is an expert when it comes to having a healthy pantry. Sometimes that belly bloat is inflammation from eating the wrong foods.

After 6 weeks, her clients are empowered to show up for themselves, feel great in their bodies while still taking care of their kids. Often the information they acquire spills over into their family's life as well, creating an overall healthier and happier household.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

March 15th @1pm MT

Elyssa Smith, creator of the Self-Compassionate Time Management model, is a life strategist who helps women beat procrastination, people-pleasing, and perfectionism by tackling potential trauma and negative messaging from their past. Her goal in life is to equip women to get out of survival mode and beat burnout once and for all so they can rise up and show up at their absolute best.

She has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Thrive Global and is a regular on Fox59 Morning News, sharing her knowledge on virtual stages with thousands across the globe.

When she isn’t teaching her strategies to ambitious women, she can be found around her family’s farm in Indiana, keeping up with her fiery-and-sweet red-haired eight-year-old superhero and her fluffy self-appointed guard dog.

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Diana shares her journey through Motherhood, powerful strategies, and how she applies what she's learned from interviewing hundreds of moms over the last 10 years.

The Mom Training Podcast is a branch of Mom Training- where we help women learn everything they wish they knew about the art of being a wife, mom, relationship, and home economic expert.

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"Mom Training is not only good for moms, its great for moms to be and people who want to create a better, more thriving happy life! If you are interested in having more order and success in your life and household through your money, children, relationships, etc; this is the place to be!! Diana provides the guidance you need to help make your 'home life' dreams a reality."

Natalee- Mom Of 2- Arizona USA

About Our Founder

My passions, dreams, and goals that didn't die when I became a mom...

Maybe you've felt the same way...

Hey what's up. I'm Diana.

For 10+ years I've passionately studied and researched options for running a family to live a life of adventure and success while enjoying my family.

Knowledge, strategy and training as a Mom, Wife, and Housewife has helped me live the life I've dreamed of.

My family is my LIFE. I desire to be present, loving and available for them. And because of Mom Training I'm a BOSS in and outside my home.

If you are a dreamer, have a heart that burns with passion or just want to get REALLY good a how you run your home...

Welcome girl, let's do this.

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A mastermind group involves brainstorming, educational presentations, and discussing personal issues. Each session has helpful topics and interesting discussions. Gain support, ideas, and answers in a safe and positive environment. We’ll discuss ideas, what’s worked, and what hasn’t while supporting each other in the process. 

Learn From Experts

Sometimes we need professionals to help us with tough subjects. We have experts teach in Mom Training to share their wisdom, techniques, and answer our heartfelt questions. Submit your ideas for what types of experts you want to hear from and come learn from the best while supporting you as a mom. Examples may include- Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Pediatricians, Nutritionists, Coaches etc. 

Get The 'Good Stuff' From Real-Life Moms

Mom Training was created by Diana researching and interviewing moms for the last 10 years. Frequently we have real-life Moms come teach us how they run specific areas of their household. These particular sessions we get to learn how these 'seasoned moms' live and what their strategies were/are and what brings her fulfillment, peace, and joy. Come listen in to the 'Good Stuff' and learn with us, together.

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Our New Resource

Let's Take Care Of Mom

An 8 Workshop Series For Moms To Increase Their Self-Love & Self-Care. 

You are an asset to your family. If you're not healthy, you're unable to be the leader, nurturer, and powerhouse you want to be. Learn how to disconnect from the noise around you and tune in to what's happening in your mind, body, and soul. Your health, energy and mental capacity will make or break your ability to enjoy your current life and affects your progress moving forward.

Invest in your future by investing in your well-being.

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Dancing Through Motherhood

Try Our Exercise Course!

Combine Motherhood And Self-Care- Learn How To Take Your Daily Household Activities And Combine Exercise, Quality Time, And Fun!

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