What is Mom Training International?

Mom Training International is dedicated to advocating, empowering and supporting mothers around the world by providing a comprehensive range of resources, programs, and experiences designed to enhance the lives of mothers and their families.

One of our passions for starting this organization is to help mothers be better equipped and capable of successfully managing her home to create a safe place for children to thrive. When a mother is imbalanced, worn out, or feels despair she is unavailable to take care of the physical and emotional needs of her family. Mother suicide rates, child abuse, and neglect has increased over the years, and we believe that by teaching a mother how to organize her responsibilities, refine and honor her priorities, and take care of herself, she will be more fully connected, involved, and present in her family. 

We strive to help create a community where mothers from diverse backgrounds can connect, learn, and support one another on their remarkable motherhood journeys. 

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 What Mom Training International offers:

  • Programs & Courses: Each resource focuses on key principles and skill-sets that mothers need to be better equipped to create a healthy environment for herself and her family.

  • Interactive Workbooks: These workbooks allow mothers to set monthly intentions and gain inspiration, facilitating personal growth and intentionality.

  • Live Mastermind Workshops: Expert-led workshops provide a space for mothers to come together, share experiences, and receive guidance to navigate the challenges of motherhood effectively.

  • Motherhood Worldwide: This captivating monthly series offers a glimpse into the lives of mothers from various parts of the world, celebrating both their unique experiences and shared universal aspects of motherhood.

 Mom Training International's Key Principles of Education:

  • Creating order- A lack of organization means a lot of wasted time and chaos in the home. Increasing her ability to make systems, routines, and a ‘flow’ around their family’s needs creates more time for what’s truly important. This can include how to organize her time, home, quality time with their family. This helps a mother feel less ‘pulled to and fro’ and creates stability and better mental health for everyone involved, 

  • Resource management- Educating on how to manage their resources in the best way possible. How to be wise with what she has and help her resources stretch without neglecting their own needs. This could be money management, bartering services/supplies, being a part of a village, entrepreneurship etc.

  • Emotional management- Teaching moms how to better manage their stress, cope with chaos, things they can’t control, and the pressures within motherhood. It’s important for them to find fulfillment, the ‘silver lining,’ hope in their situation, and that it’s possible to create a better environment for their family. 

  • Health, Self Care, Nutrition- When it comes down to it, teaching them the basics of how sleep, water, and nutrition affects their ability to cope, manage her home/family, her hormones and how she feels. In many places, even in the USA, mothers neglect their needs, eat scraps from the table after their kids, and find themselves ‘checking out/numbing out’ instead of sleeping or doing what’s needed for their mental and physical health. This topic is a huge piece in helping moms exit the cycle of stress, overwhelm, and despair.

  • Designing Motherhood- Helping them align their life with their priorities, to create the environment they desire, and how to make goals and action steps towards creating a healthy atmosphere for their families. We also believe it’s very important for them to know their potential, their importance, who they are, and that their power comes from being connected to a greater being, God, who can inspire them in organizing their life and family.

  • Relationship Management- Here we focus on communication and bonds with the people in our home and in our support network. We teach the importance of community/village, how to build and be a part of a community, and how to support each other. We also teach the importance of creating a community or ‘team’ within your family where we all work together and lighten the load on the mother. This area is also very important to protect the children and help them have a supportive and healthy environment.


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Interactive Workbooks

Set your intention for the upcoming month and immerse yourself in the monthly theme. Pinpoint areas where you want to adjust or increase your skill. Then bring your questions and concerns to our workshops for help and answers.

*All workbooks can be finished in 30 mins or less

LIVE Mama Masterminds

Be inspired, have breakthroughs and leave encouraged as you mastermind with other mamas. Each workshop is led by experts and professionals who provide valuable insights, practical tips, and guidance. 

*Show up LIVE for 1 hour, twice a month.

Mindset & Affirmations Week

Experience the power of reflection and self-empowerment in 'Mindset Week.' Engage in affirmations and thought exercises that nurture a resilient mindset, guiding you through the highs and lows of motherhood.

*Explore on your own time

Exclusive Community

Connect with fellow moms, ask questions, take part in fun challenges, and celebrate your wins together. It's a space dedicated to supporting, inspiring, and empowering each other on this incredible motherhood journey. 

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"Mom Training is not only good for moms, its great for moms to be and people who want to create a better, more thriving happy life! If you are interested in having more order and success in your life and household through your money, children, relationships, etc; this is the place to be!! Diana provides the guidance you need to help make your 'home life' dreams a reality."

Natalee- Mom Of 2- Arizona USA

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The Mom Training Podcast is a branch of Mom Training- where we help women learn everything they wish they knew about the art of being a wife, mom, relationship, and home economic expert.

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