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by Diana Ballard

Full-Time Mommy / Mom Coach / Speaker

The Mom Training Podcast is a branch of MOM TRAINING INTERNATIONAL - where we help women learn everything they wish they knew about the art of being a wife, mom, relationships, and home economics expert.

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Being financially free isn’t just about making money. You also have to manage it well. The Strive podcast dives deep into saving, investing, and building lasting wealth.

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Favorite Episodes:

"This podcast is amazing. It has helped me understand better my role as a mom. Diana talks about everything you need to know to become a better mom and wife. I have been able to find joy, stay calm, do some meal planning, organize my life and much more by listening to her insights. Every mom should listen, it is truly a life saver."

- Camilla

"I love the Mom Training Podcast! Being a busy mother of 6, I am always looking for new ways to make the job of raising my family easier, efficient and more enjoyable. This podcast does just that. So many times I have listened to an episode thinking that it was just what I needed! So glad to have Diana in my corner and helping guide my focus on what to incorporate and what to let go."

- Sara






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