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We’re here to Fan The Flames Of Your Child's Wonder 


WonderWorld Explorers

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You Child Will Be Inspired To:

  • Explore Their Own World: Develop a desire to explore their surroundings, whether it’s their backyard, neighborhood, or the wider world.
  • Ask Questions: Cultivate a habit of asking questions and seeking answers about the world around them.
  • Dream Big: Feel empowered to dream big and pursue their own adventures and discoveries.
  • Appreciate Diversity: Gain a greater appreciation for diverse cultures and the value of cross-cultural interactions.
  • Innovate and Create: Be inspired to innovate and create, using the explorers’ ingenuity as a model for their own projects and ideas.

These classes will spark curiosity and wonder by showing children the vastness of the world and the incredible feats of human exploration.


Why Explorers Are Important

  • Discovery and Innovation: By pushing the boundaries of knowledge, explorers discover new lands, species, and cultures, leading to innovations in science, technology, and medicine.

  • Human Spirit and Inspiration: Explorers' bravery and curiosity inspire others to pursue their dreams, showcasing the limitless potential of the human spirit and encouraging future discoveries.

  • Cultural Exchange and Global Connectivity: Exploring different cultures fosters understanding and appreciation, promoting global harmony, and mapping unknown regions enhances connectivity, driving economic growth and international collaboration.

We need kids like yours to get curious and explore!


Class Examples & Structure


World Culture Classes

It is a big beautiful world out there! In these classes we'll explore some things like:

  • Geography and Environment: Learn about the country's landscape, climate, and natural resources.
  • History and Legends: Discuss significant historical events, legends, and folklore.
  • Language: Introduce key phrases, common greetings, and the basics of the language spoken.
  • Cuisine: Learn about traditional dishes, cooking methods, and maybe even taste it!
  • Music and Dance: Study traditional music instruments, popular songs, and cultural dances.
  • Festivals and Holidays: Examine major cultural celebrations, their origins, and how they are celebrated.
  • Games and Sports: Explore traditional games, sports, and their cultural significance.
  • Art and Crafts: Explore traditional art forms, crafts, and their cultural meanings.

When we're finished with these classes your child will want to visit the place they learned about!


Science Classes

Let’s explore what nature has to offer and dive into the ocean, walk through a rainforest or run our fingers through the Sahara sand. 

  • Biodiversity: Study the incredible variety of plants and animals found in different environments and their unique adaptations.
  • Identifying Species: Observing and identifying the various plants, animals, and microorganisms that inhabit the ecosystem.
  • Understanding Relationships: Examining the relationships between different species, such as predator-prey dynamics, symbiosis, and competition.
  • Studying Habitats: Investigating the different habitats within the ecosystem and how they support various forms of life.
  • Protect the Environment: Gain an understanding of environmental issues and feel motivated to participate in conservation efforts.
  • Desert Ecosystems: Learn about the flora and fauna that survive in the harsh conditions of the Sahara.
  • Adaptations: Explore the adaptations that allow wild life and plants to survive in extreme environments.

By the end of these classes, children will be eager to explore the wonders of nature.


Famous Explorer Classes

In these classes, we'll dive into the lives and adventures of legendary explorers who have shaped our understanding of the world. 

  • Biographies and Adventures: Learn about the exciting lives and daring journeys of famous explorers like Christopher Columbus, Lewis & Clark, Marco Polo, Amelia Earhart, and Neil Armstrong.
  • Maps and Routes: Study the maps and routes these explorers took, understanding the challenges they faced and the discoveries they made along the way.
  • Cultural Encounters: Explore the interactions between explorers and the diverse cultures they encountered, learning about the impact of these encounters on both sides.
  • Scientific Discoveries: Discuss the scientific and geographic discoveries made during their expeditions, and how these findings changed our understanding of the world.
  • Tools and Technology: Examine the tools, ships, and technology used by explorers throughout history, and how innovation played a key role in their journeys.
  • Personal Qualities: Highlight the qualities that made these explorers successful, such as bravery, curiosity, resilience, and determination.

By the end of these classes, children will be eager to embark on their own journeys of discovery, bringing their newfound curiosity and adventurous spirit into everything they do.


Explorer Field trips 

Our Explorer Field Trips offer children the chance to engage in hands-on activities, explore nature, as well as discover how businesses and essential services operate in their city.

  • Hands-On Activities: Participate in interactive projects and experiments that bring learning to life.

  • Nature Exploration: Observe local wildlife, study diverse ecosystems, and appreciate the natural beauty around them.

  • Business Insights: Learn how different businesses function and contribute to the community through behind-the-scenes tours.

  • Essential Services: Visit places like water treatment plants to understand their vital role in maintaining public health and safety.

After these field trips, children will be eager to explore more, ask more questions, and appreciate the intricate workings of the world around them.

These Classes Are For You If...

  • You love hands-on learning & exploring new ideas.
  • You're curious about the world around you. 
  • You're eager to discover how things work.
  • You enjoy interactive activities that spark your creativity and imagination.
  • You want to see the world through 'Explorer Lenses.' 

I'm Diana Ballard

When I was little we ‘Road-Schooled’ across the USA til I was in 3rd grade. We saw many historical, influential places and had amazing experiences. These moments CHANGED me and ingrained wonder, curiosity and exploration deep into my soul. the ‘itch’ to see the world and experience the beauty of life has never left me and has created so many amazing opportunities to learn and grow.

My goal is to help more children foster their sense of wonder like I did, so they can experience the true beauties life has to offer.

Between my childhood experiences and world travel, my children’s input, and my husband’s skills in instructional design and instructional psychology, we’ve created some pretty cool experiences and curriculum to create explorers who make a difference and spread joy.

"Diana served as the primary chorister in our church, working with children aged 12 and under. I had the privilege of observing her in this role, and I can attest to her meticulous preparation, creativity, and enthusiasm. Diana consistently planned engaging activities and taught countless songs to the children, creating a fun and interactive learning environment. The children under her guidance were always eager and excited to participate, a true reflection of Diana's ability to connect with and inspire young minds."

- Jennifer Waters

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WonderWorld Explorers

We Are An Approved Utah Fits All Provider! 

Located in Santaquin Utah. Classes Are Made For Children Ages 6-11 
Runs From September 2024- Beginning of May 2025

Class Dates & Times:

Wed Mornings 9am-11:30am

Wed Afternoons 4:00pm-6:30pm

Let's Explore!


Space Is Limited! Only 8 kids per class!

  • 2 Explorer Classes Each Month
  • 1 Explorer Field Trip Per Month
  • Explorer Kit- Personal Passport, Curriculum Workbook, Explorer Supplies
  • Bring home something fun each class!
  • Free play, learning, crafts, exploring, making friends
  • $85 (one time) supply fee